Our core competencies

Our strengths and competences lie in industrial automation and visualization of plants or prototypes.

With the use of the ideal visualization (PC system, touch screen or key terminal) the customer always has the perfect information to make the right decisions to analyze and optimize his process.

Our flexible and uncomplicated administration allows us to quickly adapt to the latest technology standards and to apply them specifically to customer requirements in industrial automation. Our efficient team composition allows us to find a quick and appropriate solution in any application.


  • PLC/controller programming for process sequences

  • Process visualization

  • DCS (Distributed control system) control loops

  • PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) control loops with logic operations

  • Various communication protocols for bus systems such as RS232, OPC, user-specific bus protocols, etc.

  • Flexibility towards the customer

  • Many years of experience in handling application projects

  • Experience in various industries

  • Worldwide installation and commissioning

Reference projects