Facade maintenance system


In Singapore, in the botanical garden "Garden By The Bay", a facade maintenance system was developed, for which we implemented and developed the control software and the visualization on a touch panel.

The building, on which the plant moves, has a shell-shaped construction. For this reason it was a great challenge to secure the plant mechanically, electronically and software-technically according to the valid standards. The system will be controlled like a vehicle with a rotary knob as a steering wheel, a rotary knob for speed control and a joystick for forward or reverse motion. With various angle sensors extreme positions / loads are detected and prevented.

Industrie Prozesssteuerung

Plant parameters

Dimension (WxLxH): 2.5m x 15m x 5m
Weight: 5.5 tons
Digital I/O signals: 150. Analog I/O signals: 10
Safety circuit: 50 switches/sensors


Our time investment

Software: 4 weeks
Commissioning (in Singapore): 3 weeks


Our services:

  • Pre-programming Omron control system
  • Synchronous motion sequence
  • Visualization
  • Commissioning, assembly and cabling


Are you interested in further details / information about this project, then we look forward to hearing from you.