Lifting platform for ships


This lifting platform is used to lift larger ships out of the water.
The platform is supported on 6 hoists, each with two hydraulic cylinders. The lift is controlled fully automatically by two identical control stations with an 8 inch touch display.

The maximum lifting capacity is 1000 tons. An intelligent PLC software synchronizes the 6 lifting units fully automatically when lifting and lowering the ships, so that a horizontal up / down movement is always guaranteed. To lower a vessel, it is first anchored and secured on the lifting platform, then lifted out of the water by command from the operator display. Finally, the platform is brought into a defined inclined position in order to pull the ship into the shipyard by means of a pull wire.

Since the hoist cylinders only have a stroke of 0.7 meters, the lifting and lowering of the lifting platform takes place over several steps by gripping around massive steel bars. This can be seen clearly in the time-lapse video.


Time lapse video how to lift a ship

Plant parameters

Dimension (WxL): 20m x 50m
Weight of the stage: 440 tons
Digital I/O signals: 140, Analog I/O signals: 30


Time investement

Software: 1 week
Electrical conversion: 2 weeks
Commissioning: 1 week



ZSG (Zürich Schifffahrtsgesellschaft in Wollishofen).


Our services:

  • Pre-programming Omron control system
  • Intelligent synchronized motion sequence
  • Visualization
  • Commissioning
  • Assembly and cabling




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