Reference projects


Facade maintenance plant

Our services: Pre-programming Omron control system, synchronous motion sequence, visualization, commissioning, installation and cabling.

In Singapore in the botanical garden "Garden By The Bay" a facade maintenance plant has been placed on the building, where we realized the software of the control as well as the visualization on a touch panel... more >



Waste water decontamination plant

Our service: Servitech GmbH programmed the software for the control and visualization on the touch panel and put the plant into operation.
This plant neutralizes contaminated waste water. The University Hospital Zurich needs this system in the pathology department. Viruses, bacteria, tumors and other pathogens ... more >




Pipe surveying system

Our services: Pre-programming Omron control, adaptation of electrical connections, visualization, database with measurement data, commissioning, installation and wiring.
This machine measures the outer and inner diameter of various pipe fittings such as branches, welded joints, pipes with sikes, bends, etc. ... more >




Lifting platform for ships

Our services: Pre-programming Omron control system; Intelligent synchronized motion sequence; Visualization; Commissioning; Assembly and cabling.
This lifting platform is used to lift larger ships out of the water. The platform is supported on 6 hoists, each with two hydraulic cylinders. Via two identical operating stations with an 8 inch touch ... more >