Splitting line


This machine is used to neutralize polluted waste water and to regulate the PH-value.

Various settings can be changed and operating modes can be selected via a touch panel. The polluted water is pumped into the machine tank. By stirring and adding a special powder the medium is neutralized and split. By adding acid or lye, the pH value of the medium is dosed to an environmentally friendly value. After a preset time, the split water is drained from the tank in two steps. First the clear water, then the split substance. The water runs over a fleece which catches the dirt and drains it fully automatically into a dirt tank. Various sensors monitor the process and report any incidents to the user. The process is fully automatic and 24hx365.


Spaltanlage Omron Steuerung

Plant parameters

Location: Schwerzenbach
Date: January, 2011
Digital I/O signals: 35, Analog I/O signals: 3
Client: Talimex AG

Time investment

Software: 4 weeks
Commissioning: 1 week

Our services

  • Preprogramming Omron control
  • Visualization
  • Commissioning




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