Pipe measuring system


This machine measures the outside and inside diameter of various pipe fittings such as branches, welded joints, pipes with sikes, bends, etc.

We have equipped the plant with a new control system and a new computer. Since there was no electrical diagram of the plant we had to measure our way through the plant to match the new control to the already installed electronics. We realized the visualization with a commercial computer. With an extensive database, all measured pipe sections are archived and can be retrieved. The system can perform up to 10 measurements per voltage (inside or outside) fully automatically.



Plant parameters

Location: Dielsdorf
Date: September, 2011
Digital I/O signals: 40. Analog I/O signals: 1
Accuracy: 0.01 millimeter
Client: Company Streng Plastic AG


Our time investment

Software: 4 weeks
Commissioning: 1 week


Our services

  • Pre-programming Omron control
  • Adjustment of electrical connections
  • Visualization
  • Database with measurement data
  • Commissioning, assembly and wiring



Are you interested in further details / information about this project, then we look forward to hearing from you.